We perform a number of anti aging treatments, deisgned to turn back the clock and help you to look and feel your best.

What concerns do you treat?

We treat all the signs of aging, including:

Fine lines

Deep lines

Sagging skin

Skin that has lost firmness

Pigmentation (Age spots, sun spots, freckles)

Redness, including broken capillaries

Dull or uneven complexion


How do you treat anti aging concerns?

We often employ a multi-disciplinary approach with anti ageing, in order to achieve optimum results. This includes treatment with Y-Lite laser for fine lines, redness and complexion issues, Candela laser for pigmentation, Radio Frequency for broken capillaries, and advanced Skeyndor medifacials for deep lines and sagging skin. These treatments can be performed by themselves, or in conjunction with each other.

How much will it cost?

This is very much dependent on what treatment you require. Prices range from $145 (for five minutes of capillary or pigment treatment) to $350 (for a full hour long laser face rejuvenation).

Is there any downtime?

Once again, this depends on the treatment performed. For our advanced medi facials and for treatments with Y-Lite laser, there is no downtime. For pigment removal and capillary work there is normally a week of time where you won't be looking your best, but it's easily able to be covered with mineral make up.

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