I have been visiting Laser Therapeutics for the past eight months, and the results have been outstanding. I always feel so comfortable and relaxed. Their therapists have the highest service standards and the most gentle and skilled approach. They have a genuine interest in and concern for their clients and I always look forward to seeing them!

Balwyn North
Full time Mum

See you later wrinkles! Finally someone who gets it. Simple regime for my busy lifestyle that gives me the results I am after.

Buyer's Advocate

From a male perspective, most males would snub their noses at the thought of having laser treatments. The irony is that it is the males that need it most! Whether it be from their hard drinking ways or simply too much time outdoors, with age these tell tale signs become more obvious. Whilst this may not be self evident, it is only those closest to them that will bring this to their attention and only then will they become aware of the problem and act. Maybe this is part of the problem that men in general do not pay too much attention to their appearance. For all you ageing men out there who are in the public eye do yourself a favour and look in the mirror. If you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on imported clothes and drive European cars, then the least you can do is look after your skin.