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Danielle Edwards

Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner Bachelor of Science (Nursing), Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)

  • · Member of Australian College of Nurse Practitioners
  • · Member Australian College of Nursing
  • · Member of W.A.L.T. (World Assoc. Laser Therapy)
  • · Member of The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia (APAA)

Danielle Edwards is a highly skilled Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years experience in the cosmetic industry. She has undergone extensive certified training in advanced cosmetic injectable techniques both nationally and internationally and continues to attend a wide variety of international professional conferences in order to enhance her injectable knowledge and skills.

She completed her Master’s Degree (Nurse Practitioner) in 2018 allowing her diagnostic, prescribing and specialist referral capabilities. Danielle has over 20 years of operating theatre experience specializing in Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery and Head & Neck Surgery. Danielle decided to pursue her interest in anti-ageing medicine, and opened her own anti-aging clinic in 2008 in conjunction with mobile injectable services to beauty salons across Victoria. She provides a wide range of aesthetic and paramedical treatments including cosmetic injectables to her clients.

Danielle advocates a multi-disciplinary approach to anti-ageing, in order to create a more natural and less contrived look. Danielle is passionate about her craft and continues to refine and perfect her techniques to provide non-surgical facelift using injectables is a wonderful option to be able to offer those not ready for more invasive procedures.

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