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Tattoo Removal

The tattoos we choose and can afford when we are younger may be a source of regretas we mature and finances improve though income accumulation.

As we progress through our tattoo journey our design preference may evolve requiring laser treatment to fade tattoo ink to allow tattoo modification.

Pricing: Small Tattoo $150 per session

Business card size $250 per session

10-15 cm x 10-15 cm $350-$500 per session

15-20cm-x15-20cm $600 per session

Treatment Options

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Your questions answered

What laser is used to perform laser tattoo removal?

Various tattoo removal techniques have existed since tattoos have existed. Laser, particularly Q-Switched laser such as the Pastelle laser is considered the golden standard in tattoo removal.

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How does the laser work?

The Pastelle Q-switched tattoo removal laser delivers energy in very short bursts in a choice of two wavelengths to precisely tar-get the tattoo pigment with significantly less impact on surround-ing untreated tissue making the treatment safer and less painful than other tattoo removal lasers. Read more....

How many treatments will I need?

We use The Kirby-Desai Scale (CLICK FOR LEARN MORE) as a tool to more accurately assess the number of laser tattoo removal sessions required.

The size, location, depth and colour of your tattoo will determine how many treatments are required. Professional tattoo inks and light colours are more difficult to remove.

How will the treatment feel?

The sensation of treatment is rather like the snap of a rubber band on the skin. Most patients do not require anaesthetics, although some people may feel more comfortable with a numbing cream or a local anaesthetic injection.

How long does treatment take?

Each treatment session usually lasts 10-30 minutes depending on the size and colour composition of your tattoo

What happens to my skin afterwards?

Immediately after your treatment, some whitening of the skin may occur, the area around the tattoo might become reddish and could have some swelling. This is normal and will disappear gradually over time. Immediately after treatment, antibacterial ointment and gauze will be applied to the treated aerate minimise the risk of infection.

How long does it take for fading between treatments?

The full effect of each treatment takes about 5-6 weeks.

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