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Hay Fever Treatment

Approximately 3.1 million Australians suffer with Hay Fever.


$150 per treatment

Your questions answered

How does Botulinum Toxin treat Hay Fever symptoms?

Preliminary studies have shown the Botulinum Toxin relieves Hay Fever symptoms by blocking nerve endings in the nasal passage stopping the onset of symptoms and thereby reducing inflammation of the nasal lining.

According to Professor Philip Bardin (Director of Sleep and Respiratory Medicine at Southern Health) "We've had very promising results using Botox as a treatment for severe asthmatics and it is a possible it could give hay fever sufferers relief from symptoms for an extended period of time".

What are the symptoms of hay fever?



sinus pain/pressure

Nasal Congestion


Watery eyes

Itchy eyes, nose, mouth and throat


Does anti-wrinkle drug treatment for hay fever work?

This treatment has been available at Laser Therapeutics for several years now and we have seen anecdotal results of roughly 60% of patients getting 90% symptom relief.

Is hay fever treatment painful?

Hay fever treatment is painless as the anti wrinkle drug is not injected but spray inside the nail cavity.

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