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Age Spots

Age spots are marks that commonly appear on the skin s a result of sun exposure.

Age spots are also known as liver spots (not related to the liver) or solar lentigines.

They are generally harmless but you may wish to have them removed for cosmetic reasons.

Treatment Options

Lamprobe Radio-frequency

Radio-frequency is a fast and effective treatment option for the removal of age spots.


$150 per 5 minute session

Age Spots

Your questions answered

What is radio-frequency?

Lamprobe operates using a high radio frequency to conduct heat. The heat is channeled through a small metal treatment probe to effectively target fluids such as blood, sebum and cholesterol – making it a perfect alternative to surgical removal of age spots. No blood, no stitches, no scalpels!

Age Spots 2

What does treatment involve?

The radio frequency energy is conducted via the small metal treatment probe of the Lamprobe machine, which is tapped against the skin and produces heat. Essentially, this heat vapourises the liquid within the lesion, enabling it to be bloodlessly removed.

Is it painful?

Treatments using the lamprobe usually only take a few seconds, and the feeling could be described as a very brief stinging sensation.

Is there any downtime?

The are that has been treated will be reddened immediately after treatment, and over a few days, a very fine scabbing will form over the removal site of the lesion. This will fall off, normally within the course of a week and that is the extent of the recovery required.

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