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Acne Scarring

Have you sufferd from acne in the past? have you been left with debilitating scars that are affecting your self-esteem and confidence? It's time to get your confidence back!

Acne scars are the result of severe acne that damage the skin causing permanent textual changes and indentations.

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Your questions answered

What causes acne scarring?

Sever acne results in large pus filled cysts. These cysts destroy skin tissue which is not repaired adequately during the healing process leaving skin indentations, textural unevenness and hard/lumpy scar tissue.

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Why do some of my acne scar differ in appearance?

  • Scar appearance varies depending on the severity of the original acne and the location on the face or the body.
  • The following are the main types of acne scars:
  • Box car scars - shallow to medium depth indented scars with well-defined edges.
  • Ice pick scars - Deep, narrow scars extending into the lower skin layers.
  • Rolling, tropic and depressed scars - rolling, depressed and tethered scars making the skin appear lumpy.
  • Mixed scars - the most common form of acne scarring where mixture of tethered, ice pick, box and rolling scars is present.
  • Red acne scars - these macular scars are commonly seen on the cheeks and forehead with redness as a major concern. these scars tend to fade with no intervention over a 6-12 month period but healing time can be reduced with laser treatment.

Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment option available for acne scars which can effectively improve and soften their appearance. Usually, combination treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results, however, it is unrealistic to expect that post treatment skin will appear as it did before your acne.

Treatment choice will depend on:

  • Skin type - classified according to pigment level in skin
  • Scar type
  • Scar severity

Y-Lite Laser Scar Treatment

Y-Lite Laser is a highly effective laser ideal for redness, collagen stimulation, and scar tissue softening and is able to be used on all skin types with no pain or downtime.


Pricing: From $150 depending on size of treatment area

Plasma Pen

The ACCOR Plasma Pen is an excellent treatment option for acne scar repair as it works on both the epidermal (superficial) and dermal (deep) levels of the skin. It stimulates collagen production leaving the skin smoother with a lasting, improved structure.


Pricing: From $150 depending on size of treatment area

Dermal Fillers

Skinbooster dermal filler injections are an excellent treatment option for acne scars by plumping them up and improving skin texture and tone.


Pricing: $500 per ml (1-2 mls required depending on size of treatment are

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