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Dermal Filler Injections

Dermal Fillers are the smart and easy way to add volume and smoothness to your skin. The fillers we use are based on a hyaluronic acid gel that closely resembles the body's own natural acids which draw water into the skin. It is long lasting (between 6-24 months, depending on the treatment) but not permanent. These injections are ideal for treating lines and wrinkles on the lower half of the face, for enhancing the shape or size of lips, and to add volume and definition to cheeks.

Treatment Options


Dermal Fillers vary in price depending on the type used and area treated, but as a guide they are $550-$700

Lines and wrinkle filler

Injectable dermal fillers provide volume by supporting the skin’s structure. Treatment benefits can be seen immediately and are long lasting but not permanent. This treatment works from beneath the skin to lift and smooth away lines and restore your skin’s appearance.

Cheek filler

Cheek fillers are one of the most popular treatment areas of the face and address a number of ageing concerns such as deep nasolabial folds (the crease from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth), sagging jowls and lines/wrinkles that extend down the cheek from the crows feet that can not be injected with anti-wrinkle injections as this may affect the facial smiling muscles.

Cheek filler injections can provide two treatment objectives:

  • Achieve a more youthful appearance
  • Enhance beauty and feminise

One of the first areas of the face to lose fat pad volume due to ageing is the cheek area.

One of the features that determine a beautiful face is defined cheekbones. Some are fortunate to have these naturally, but if you feel that you would like toy features to appear more subtly feminine then cheek filler treatment is an excellent option.

Lip filler

This treatment is specially designed to create the beautiful looking lips you desire. Whether you’d like to have softer, fuller lips – or just add a touch of volume in the lip border to give a more sculpted look or create better lip symmetry and shape – this procedure is the perfect treatment for you.

Temple filler

Temple filler is a popular treatment area for loss of volume in the upper face.

As we age we can loose a significant amount of fat tissue volume in this area creating a hollowness. This can in turn make us look gaunt and if the problem is severe our face shape resemble a "peanut head".

Temple volume loss can reduce the effectiveness of anti -wrinkle injection to the crows feet.

Restoring the temple area volume can also facilitate a lateral brow lift and soften a prominent brow bone which can be quite masculinising. This has a softening and feminising effect.

Chin filler

Chin filler treatments can improve the following issues:

  • The ageing chin-as we age the chin begins to reduce in volume, recede, develop skin textural changes, develop deep wrinkles and visually shorten the length of the lower portion of the face. This can make the face look square and emphasise the jowls which can be very ageing.
  • Improve chin shape- Some individuals are born with an underdeveloped and/or recessed chin accompanied with an over bite. Filler treatments to this area can produce dramatic results for those with minor chin recession and those with a more significant issue wanting to avoid surgical intervention.

Jawline filler

Jaw line filler treatments can be recommended for the following issues:

  • To look younger-Improve a weak jaw line as a result of ageing which can also improve a saggy neck and jowls.
  • To beautify-Improve and enhance facial features for younger individuals who were born with a poorly defined jawline.

Tear Trough (Under Eye/Dark Circle Filler)

Tear trough filler treatments may be advised for the following issues:

  • Improve under eye hollowness/dark cirlces that can be present from a young age.
  • Improve the appearance of eye bags for those not wanting surgical intervention.
  • Improve under eye hollowness and eye bags as a result of the ageing process by restoring youthful volume and improving skin wrinkles and enhancing youthfulness.

Forehead Filler

Forehead filler treatment may be recommended for the following reasons:

To address the signs of the ageing forehead such as fine and deep lines at rest.

To improve the shape and contour of the forehead.

To soften the appearance of prominent brow bones

To soften or round out flat foreheads which can harshen facial features.

To beautify and feminise the female face.

To elevate low brows as a result of ageing by restoring forehead tissue volume loss.

Neck line filler

An excellent treatment modality for the ageing neck to:

Reduce/eliminte lines and wrinkles.

Restore neck tissue volume to improve saggy skin.

Restore skin quality by addressing skin crepiness and textural issues.

Ear lobe filler

Ear lobe filler treatments are greatly under-utilised in the cosmetic injectable industry. We tend to focus on more popular treatments like cheeks and lips and neglect to address ear lobe issues such as:

  • Shape imperfections, asymmetry, stretching due to heavy earring wear and volume.
  • Ageing ears which appear, saggy, lined and deflated.
  • Create a natural look for those that have received facial fillers but give away their true age as a result of not addressing the ageing ear which is in such close proximity to the face.

Hands (Back of) Filler

Dermal filler injections to the back of hands is an excellent treatment option for ageing hands to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers can address both volume loss and skin rejuvenation.

As we age the back of our hands become thin, wrinkled, bony and veins become prominent.

It is particularly important to address the ageing hand for those that have been receiving anti-acing treatments to their face, neck and décolletage as discrepancy between these areas and the hands can be a telltale sign that we have had work done. The majority of us would like to keep this our little secret and enjoy the compliments of others for our naturally youthful appearance and 'good genes'.

Liquid Face Lift

The Liquid Facelift is a popular treatment using dermal fillers to address facial skin sagging.

Dermal filler injections can be strategically placed in certain areas of the face to create a lifting affect to sagging skin.

As we age we lose facial fat pad volume and some skeletal bone in addition to a reduction in collagen and elastin production which all contribute to facial sagging.

This issue contributes to our facial features appearing tired, drawn and gaunt and may additionally emphasise our jowls creating a heavy squared jawline.

Skin Booster Filler

"I want to my skin to look radiant"

Skin Booster filler is ideal for:

  • Increasing skin firmness & elasticity
  • Smoothing & softening skin
  • Reducing fine lines
  • improving skin imperfections, suck as large pores & acne scarring

Skin Booster dermal filler is a hydrating rather than volumising filler.

When placed in small amounts under the skin it works to gradually improve the skin's quality by replenishing and maintaining natural hydration levels from within.

Skin booster filler offers a subtle, gradual change in skin quality and elasticity that develops over several months.

What you get is a natural but noticeably invigorated look to your skin that can last 6-12 months.

Your questions answered

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable gels made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the skin. They give your skin hydration and volume, reducing the depth of wrinkles and restoring facial balance and volume loss through the ageing process.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar found naturally in the body.

Its main role is to attract water and provide hydration to the skin.

Our levels of Hyaluronic acid diminish with age.

What does dermal injectable filler treatment involve?

Dermal filler gel containing hyaluronic acid and lidocaine(local anaesthetic) is injected into or below the skin to smooth wrinkles, enhance lips and restore facial volume loss due to ageing.

How quickly will I see results?

Dermal filler injections produce instant results and usually take 15-30 minutes to perform.

How long will the results last?

The effects of dermal fillers can last anywhere from 9 to 24 months depending on the dermal filler product used as different types of products have different longevity.

Are dermal fillers painful?

There is usually mild discomfort in the form of a stinging sensation as the needle penetrates the skin.

Most dermal fillers these days contain local anaesthetic to reduce injection discomfort so they essential numb the area during the injections.

There are a number of other ways to reduce injection discomfort:

  • Topical local anaesthetic cream application prior to the procedure
  • Ice pack application during procedure
  • Local anaesthetic nerve blocks inside the mouth similar to those performed by dentists are available for lip filler treatments

Are there any side effects?

Reported dermal filler side effects include injection site redness, pain, firmness, swelling, lumps and bumps, bruising, itching or discolouration. In the vast majority of cases, these effects are temporary and usually resolve within a week.

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